Friday, January 9, 2009

Cesanese Update

So day three and the Cesanese is still going strong!!
The tannins relaxed and softened a bit, and the fruit is showing more red characteristics, less big juicy black plums, and sadly the baker's chocolate has died as well, making this a more subtle wine, yet still FREAKING AWESOME!!! At this point, I'm going to just give in and buy a case, I think I've just found my house red staple!!

(Can you tell I love this wine? I've sold about two cases this past week!)

Btw, have I mentioned I'm an AWFUL cook lately?!? Seriously, burnt cinnamon rolls are NASTY! If you are in the Mclean/Reston/Herndon area and find burnt cinnamon rolls incredibly tasty, let me know, I'd be glad to share them with you....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2005 Faunus Cesanese Del Piglio, Lazio, Italy

Holy crap how I love me some Cesanese!!! I was seriously thinking of writing this tasting note in verse, just to show it how much I love it, but then remembered I'm a terrible poet (and blessed enough to know it. HA!) and I'm not nearly drunk enough to play that off.. Oh well...

I love this wine, it's a semi-transparent ruby in the glass, with a nose full of sour cherry, some blackberry, dust, a bit of cocoa, and hint of herbaceousness that keeps it interesting.
It's a relatively light body, with some pretty powerful cherry and plum flavors in the glass. It hits the mid-palate with a wonderful kick of acidity, moderate tannins, and some baker's chocolate that I'm really digging! I could most definitely see this as a great pizza and pasta wine.

What really gets me excited about this wine is the price, it's only $12!!! I LOVE when I find an everyday Italian that gets me excited to talk about! This isn't drinking like a $12 bottle of wine, it's too delicious and there are just too many things happening in the glass. Which makes you wonder why can't MORE wine be this damn good, this damn cheap!?!?
If only it had a screw cap..... ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sake and immaturity...

So while reading failblog this evening, I came across the most AMAZING fish de-boner!! Best quote, "My wife would love that!!"
The immature thirteen year old boy in you wants you to check it out!!
This is really important, as I don't write any other blogs I could work this into!!

So back in (pretend) Mature-land, I was reading this article from WTOP about Sake's huge surge in the US. Knowing nothing about sake, (aside from never, EVER drink it after it's expired.... trust me) I found it interesting. I guess I'm going to have to "save the economy" and taste a few. Unless one of my stealth band of Professional Awesomes commonly referred to as my readers know about sake and would care to educate!?!? Anyone?

You can thank me for the fish video later, I take Visa, Mastercard, wine donations, and checks! ;)

Happy New Year btw!!!