Friday, June 12, 2009

My New(est) Addiction

One of the best things about working in a wine shop is bringing home a bottle of wine that you've had on the shelf for months that hasn't been selling, and going, "Holy Crap!! This rocks my socks!!!"

...And then subsequently selling the rest of the case to a customer who is as much of a cork dork as you.... and then realizing this means you won't have any for yourself...

Ever heard of a white Merlot? Me neither. It's made from 100% Merlot grapes, from (wait for it) an Italian speaking part of Switzerland, called Ticino!!

Everything about this wine is just so "out there" it's awesome!! It's made by Delea, and is called Chiar di Luna. I know everyone has heard about or read about "that study they did" where "they" served a panel of wine judges the same wine twice, once as a white wine, and the second time with red food coloring added, and got a different tasting note for the white and the "red"... If you haven't, you just did, congrats. ;)
Anyway, I think I've fallen into that trap, because my nose and mouth tell me I'm smelling/tasting white peaches, citrus, a hint of green apple, *some* strawberry, and if you pay attention to what TOLR (The Original Lab Rat) says, something "salty". But take that with a grain of salt, b/c all white wines either taste salty or like Cheerios to him. ;)

But again, I think that's one of the reasons I like this wine, my brain *knows* I'm tasting a red grape, so I'm expecting all the traditional Merlot aromas and flavors like currants, plum, etc... but my nose tells me something completely different...

Like I said, it's so weird and dorky and just plain GOOD that all I can really say is, "Hello Addiction" !!