Thursday, September 30, 2010


While sitting here in my pajamas, recovering from a fatal sore throat of doom (the doom part helps, trust me), and pouting over the mini monsoon that is this week's weather reporting, I remembered, "Hey, I have a blog!!"

Once upon a time, I started this blog as a means of just getting my tasting notes somewhere permanent, then it somehow evolved into a "What's the Cork Dork up to this week" kind of thing. So I figured I'd do just that! And hopefully laziness won't set in for another four months (?!) and this will go back to being a semi-regular posting, I hope... ;)

So many things have changed in these past few months! I no longer live in Reston, now I'm just outside of NYC, working as a wine manager for a liquor store. It's tiny, and very ghetto, but really great at the same time! I adore all my coworkers, they've become my replacement, slightly dysfunctional family! It's an amazing new set of challenges, and I'm thankful for the experience to grow! Although I have to admit, I really miss selling "fine" wines. It's funny, I realize how spoiled I was, starting in the wine business at the top, even if just as the stock girl. I've never tasted things like Cavit and Barefoot and *shudder* White Zinfandel, and don't worry, even though that's the core of what I sell now, I have NO intention of changing that! Residual sugar and mass market plonk has it's place, just not at my table. Well, that's not true, I had an AMAZING '97 Y'Quem not too long ago, and there's nothing like a little Spatlese to get the appetite goin! (To counter that, I had my '82 Pavie at a birthday dinner last Friday, omg, more on that later!)

People here are very different from DC, too. I kind of like it, people here are more open, brash (in a charming way), if you will. If someone here doesn't like something, they do NOT hesitate to share that with the world! DC denizens are a little more closed off, reserved, and I'm coming to learn that NY is the capital of "TMI", which of course means that yours truly fits right in!

Anyway, enough rambling, just thought I'd share what's been going on lately.  I promise to update more frequently now that things are stable!
-The Cork Dork