Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sad News

I know I'm a little late, but I just found out today that the owner of Ridge Vineyards, Donn Reisen, has died of an apparent suicide. He will be missed.

On a morbid side note, does anyone know the actual method?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A VERY Handy Tool

If you're ever looking for a specific wine, and your local wine merchant doesn't have it, or doesn't care to get it, you can always check with I LOVE wine searcher! I use it all the time, mainly to contemplate the buying of Sogno Uno. It's also a handy way to compare prices, assuming you're not one of the poor people stuck in weird/no shipping land. Then you're kind of at the mercy of your wine retailer, or at the mercy of your friend who's supposed to be holding your wine for you in their illuminated, less restrictive state!
Happy hunting!

Domaine de Fontsainte Rouge, 2005, Corbieres France

When we were first tasting this wine, I was lazy and didn't bother taking notes, but did write the name down surrounded by little hearts; which everyone knows is an incontrovertible sign of quality and prestige. ;)

I know almost nothing about Corbieres, although I'm sure I could fake it if I spent some time with Google.
What I do know is that this wine is fun, funky, and just geeky enough to keep me interested! The nose is just full of black fruits, something like dark wet earth, smoky maybe, but with a touch of cocoa. See what I mean? How often do you get to say you get fruity and muddy, and it's a good thing?!?

The flavor is just total chocolate covered blueberries! (I now know what they taste like, thanks to my last trip to California, and some super awesome wine-traveling buddies!!! ) The tannins are soft, but firm. They play well with the rest of the components, but your mouth knows who's wearing the proverbial pants! After spending some time, there's this totally cool in-glass transformation to something less playful, the fruit kind of gives way to a more serious dusty violet and liquorice notes.
I wouldn't think this wine would benefit from much decanting, as I think part of the fun of this wine is that chocolate covered blueberry kick. I also find this interesting, because the blend is 60% Carignan; 30% Grenache Noir; 10% Syrah, all grapes that would normally like a bit of decanting.

I think what I like most about this wine, aside from the sheer nerdiness that it inspires, is that I'm getting all of this for the price of $12!!