Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So last night, for the first time in Bacchus knows how long, yours truly decided to venture into the perilous world of cooking. For those of you unfamiliar with The Cork Dork's ineptitude in the kitchen, let's just say I should have a thought bubble above my head that reads, "I need an Adult!" or "Needs Constant Supervision".

But last night was (surprisingly ) successful, homemade candied walnuts, Gorgonzola and pear salad, roasted red pepper soup, and grilled cheeses made from Gruyere or Camembert. What to pair with all this? Why, bubbles and Riesling of course!!!
Or so I thought, it turns out, Man-Candy (thanks Melissa, I totally stole that!)  had another idea, and took things in a different wine direction, instead of Riesling, we paired the sandwiches with an '05 Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru Les Champonnets from Jean-Michel Guillon. After a bit of decanting (it was pretty tight), the wine showed lots of dark, almost kirsch-like raspberry, a little cola, some toast,smoke, mulling spices, a touch of black tea leaves, and fresh wood tannins.

Now, we all know how much of a Burgundy Brat I am, and I definitely have no intention of changing my tune, but last night got me thinking....
I named this blog "Chairwoman of the Bordeaux" for two reasons:
1)I thought it was clever
2) I thought Bordeaux was the alpha and the omega of all great wine. Sure, it was over-priced and more importantly, over-marketed, but Bordeaux was supposed to be "that wine" that gave you your first real, tantalizing glimpse into that ephemeral, ethereal world of "good wine".  Like your first orgasm, it's something that sets the benchmark for every other great wine experience you'll have, and you'll always go back to that moment, almost in reverence.

Well, I'm here to tell you that it won't ever happen, that all wine is the juice of the devil, and I've stopped drinking.


I've actually just decided to live up to my name for once, and start drinking some damned Bordeaux, but don't worry Burgundy, I know what side my bread is buttered on ;)
Guess this means I'm going to make friends with the folks over at Amantivino, because my wonderful little ghetto spot carries three Bordeaux, and honestly, I'm a bit afraid to try them....