Friday, March 13, 2009

Celebrity Wines

My normal morning routine consists of coffee, cursing at my liver, and reading various news sites and yes, lolcats. Occasionally I get frisky in the morning and decide to check the Washington Post's wine section, (especially lately, since we've been getting press for carrying wines we sometimes don't, and I like to stay ahead of these things) and came across this article on Sting and his winemaking adventures. They're a little late, since Sting's been at this for a while, but it got me thinking about other celebrity wines.
There's the obvious, like Coppola and his brood of wines, and the not-so-obvious, like actor
Gerard Depardieu. I thought I'd do some more "investigation" on this matter, but found this article and then a Slate article, and decided to call it a day. That's dedication! ;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

S&M in a Glass- Aragon Patricia Amontillado Sherry

I'm not usually a sherry drinker. And by usually, I mean never... Well, until now..
Patricia makes a few different styles of sherry, but so far my favorite is the Amontillado. The nose is just INTENSE! You can smell this sucker from a mile away! The nose is full of caramel, pecans, burned sugar, dried fruits, and cashews! One sip, and your mouth gets a spanking from the tart, dry, and almost salty sherry-ness of it all. Then you exhale (and if you're me, you shiver), and it's this beautiful cashew oil, followed with vanilla.

I like it with a bit of a chill, it kind of helps take the bite off, and it goes GREAT with chocolate covered peanuts!!! I'm blaming this specific combination/ nightly habit as the reason I've put on five pounds AFTER the holidays!!!

So like I'm saying- Patricia Amontillado--hurts so good.....