Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Completely Unrelated Post

Sorry for the lack of updates, work has been CRAZY busy, and these past few days I've been visiting family in Baltimore. Yesterday, we went to an apple farm, where I got some GIANT apples (I'll post pictures later), some pumpkin butter, pickled spicy garlic cloves, and some champagne cranberry jelly. I still don't understand why I feel the need to buy anything food related with the name "champagne" in it, but oh well.

We also got to visit a second-hand animal farm! And when I say second-hand, I don't mean gently used, either!! I made friends with an emaciated calf I named "Veal". We bonded, even though I had a cheeseburger for lunch. I got to see a drunken donkey, a freaky looking turkey missing it's butt feathers, an emu needing a hip replacement, a cross-eyed goat, a rabbit with an attitude, and an alpaca!!

I brought up some Villa Jolanada Prosecco for mimosas, but ended up drinking most of it by myself. It's a really yummy, really inexpensive sparkler!

I had a great time, and hope to be doing it soon! Maybe next time I'll remember to bring sneakers, as boots are less than ideal for dodging random animal poop!!